Bamboo Overview

The trusted investment app that links with your bank account, making tiny investments into crypto and precious metals whenever you spend money.


Bamboo is a micro-investment platform designed to make investing part of everyone's daily life. We connect with your bank account to round-up your everyday transactions into Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold and Silver.
Users are able to round-up their transactions and once the $50 threshold is met- make an investment in crypto or precious metals. The app functions like a digital money box, where you put your investing on auto-pilot into long-term assets.
The Bamboo app also gives you the ability to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold and Silver instantly. You are able to take advantage of market dips with our top-up feature.
Due to the assets being held on the Bamboo platform, we have developed a safe platform for investing. With Bamboo, all you need is a mobile phone and a bank account and you get started in less than 90 seconds. It's the best investment app for beginners to the crypto market but also experienced investors looking to dollar cost average sensible in the new age of technology.
Last modified 1yr ago